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What is Poke?

Poke (pronounced Po-Kay) is a Hawaiian delicacy originally made from fresh Ahi (tuna) by cutting into cubes and seasoning the fish with items like: Sesame Seed Oil, Onions, Shoyu (soy sauce), Rock Salt, Green Onion and alot more. Over the years its expanded into more than 15 flavors using all kinds of fish, shrimp and tako (octopus) but the staples have remained and are often what people seek. The moment that the fish hits your mouth, it begins to melt and the flavors explode leaving you truly breathless. Thats how good Poke is when done right. Once you try it, you will NEVER forget it and you will be looking for it, like we do, for the rest of your life.

What is Hawaiian Style Poke?

Poke is without a doubt one of Hawaii’s hidden treasures and lately its been making a splash on the mainland. There is truly no wrong or right way to make Poke however there is only 1 Hawaiian style way. Our goal is to share that authentic Hawaiian Style experience of Poke with the world while adding a little Cali Fusion. We are not the fast food "Chipotle style" version you see popping up everywhere.  Our Poke is Marinated to perfection and made fresh daily with Aloha! Come see what its all about.